How do I use Google Drive?

    1. Go to
    2. To upload existing files, just drag them in from your files or press the “New button and choose File Upload, or Folder Upload for an entire folder*. If you are on a mobile device, there is an “Upload” button
    3. To create a new document, press the “New” button and choose what type of file you want
      • Google Docs: a basic word processing program, much like Microsoft Office Word
      • Google Sheets: a spreadsheet program, similar to Microsoft Office Excel
      • Google Slides: an electronic presentation program, similar to Microsoft Office PowerPoint
      • Under “More,” you can also create Google Drawings (similar to Microsoft Paint) and Google Forms. There is a more in-depth description of how to use Google Forms here.
    4. Navigating is very similar to the file system on Windows and Mac computers

*Folder Upload is only available on Google Chrome

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