League of Legends Interschool Tournament

This April, the MTCHS Student Government is holding an Interschool League of Legends Tournament. What this means is that we’ve been advertising to all of the other high schools in the West Ada School District. This will be a Best of One, single elimination tournament, with anywhere between eight and sixteen teams. Whether you have experience with League of Legends or not, we encourage you to come out to cheer on your friends, and potentially learn a little bit about the game.
In addition to League of Legends skin codes, which we will be handing out and can be redeemed in game for an aesthetic item, there will be places for you to set up your own computers in Haley Hall and play League or another game while watching the games that are currently going on. We will have some people talking about the game, and what is going on, so that we can help educate new players on why teams are doing the things that they are doing.
Finally, the retired professional gamer, Tyler “Lautemortis” Nicholls, who played League of Legends for a majority of his career will be coming and talking a little bit about his time in the e-sports scene before the final matches are played.
If you play League of Legends, and have any high school friends within the West Ada School District that play as well, we encourage you to let them know about it, as they can also participate!