School Supply List

The current school supply list is as follows:
● For Math 3 students and above, scientific calculator (Bring a minimum of a TI-83)
● Pens, pencils, paper
● Binder with dividers or expando file (student preference)
● Headset with a microphone and a 3.5mm or USB connection
● At least one professional dress outfit for professional dress days (More information here).
○ Dress for business not a date; traditional, conservative business dress is expected.
○ Slacks or skirt (no denim)
○ Dress Shoes (no sports shoes or sandals)
○ Polo or collared shirt
○ Dress socks & belt to match outfit

Appreciated Donations:
● Facial Tissues (We constantly run out of these)
● Printer Paper
● Keurig Style Coffee Pods (For staff)
● Disinfecting Wipes