Charter and Business Documents

School Board

The School Board of Trustees may be contacted at


Wally Hedrick, Serving Since 1999, Chairman
Larry Andrews, Serving Since 2004, Vice Chairman
Jim Bradbury, Serving Since 2018
Nick Crabbs, Serving Since 2017
Diane DeSpain, Serving Since 2017
Tiffany Greyson PE, Serving Since 2019
Staci Low, Serving Since 2010
Dr. Bob Haley, in memoriam, (1940-2011)

Ex-officio Members

Randall Yadon, Executive Officer/Charter Administrator/Director
Mora Claflin, Secretary/Clerk
Beth Richtsmeier, Treasurer


Meetings for the School Board are placed on the School Calendar.


Meetings are held monthly and posted on the School Calendar.