Frequently Asked Questions

Can students use the West Ada School District Bus System?

Yes, transportation is provided through the West Ada Transit System(WATS).  The information is available on the West Ada website or call the West Ada School District Transportation Dept. at (208) 855-4500.

Are lunch services available? Where and who do we pay?

Lunch services are available through West Ada School District. Free and Reduced Lunch Forms will be available at registration and on the West Ada School District’s website. Breakfast is available before school. Make checks payable to Food Nutrition and give to the kitchen staff at Meridian Medical Arts Charter School next door. There is also an option to pay online at . More information about the nutrition program can be found on the West Ada School District’s website.

What supplies are required for my student?

  • For Math 3 students and above, scientific calculator (Bring a minimum of a TI-83)
  • Pens, pencils, paper
  • Binder with dividers or expando file (Student preference)
  • Headset with 3.5mm or USB connection
  • At least one professional dress outfit for professional dress days
    • Slacks or skirt (no denim)
    • Dress Shoes (no sports shoes or sandals)
    • Polo or Collared Shirt
    • Dress for business not a date; traditional, conservative business dress is expected.
    • Dress socks & belt to match outfit

What are professional dress days?

Professional dress days occur once a month. On these days students wear professional clothing to prepare them for future interviews. Students will be graded according to a professional dress rubric. If you want to learn more about the professional dress rubric click here.

Is an internet connection required at home?

No, however it is highly recommended. Student assignments, calendar, grades and email are located on the web.

NOTE: Students can access school files from home by saving them on Google Drive or their Microsoft Cloud.

What software would be helpful for my student to have on a home computer?

Students are not required to have any software at home. Other software needs depend on the student’s interest.

What software is available through the school?

The school participates in the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching program which allows students at MTCHS to get legal copies of Microsoft Server and Development Products for free. Students will also have access to Microsoft Office 365. Also, Adobe products are available through the school.

What type of electronics/computers may the student bring to school?

Students need to use the school computers during class time and for all assignments. However, students may bring other personal electronics as long as it does not interfere with their academic progress. The school is not responsible for the loss of these devices. Also students may be told they CANNOT use their personal laptop or other electronic devices in class. Use of electronic devices is a privilege and may be taken away for any reason. If a student brings a laptop to school, certain programs must be installed on the computer. Freshman cannot bring their personal laptops for any reason. Cell phones must NOT be used or heard during class.

What activities are available?

  • STOR: SkillsUSA, Esports, VEX (See your Tech Teacher or Ms. Deitchler)
    • Technical Skill Training Sessions
    • State and Local Competitions
    • Leadership Training Opportunities
  • Student Government
  • National Honor Society
  • Home High School Activities/Athletics(See your home high school for details)

What are the school hours?

7:45 AM to 2:10 PM

What type of extra help and computer access will students have after school hours?

Students should contact individual teachers to setup a time for specific help.  There are lunch and after school open labs provided on an as needed basis and scheduled through the interventionist.

What are the attendance requirements and how do parents report an absence?

Students are allowed 30 hours of absence per semester. Any event that is not school related counts for this time. This includes doctor’s appointments, illness, etc. School events at home high schools count as school related events and are excused. Parents are required to report student absences by calling Mrs. Claflin at 208-288-2928.