2016­-2017 ­Microcontrollers & Electronics

● No emphasis on pre­engineering (instead all pathways possibly lead to engineering)

● Tools, hardware, crimping, splicing, cabling, wiring, breadboarding

● Schematics, block diagrams, component/board level repair/replacement, datasheets

● Soldering, desoldering, fluxes, solder types, thru­hole, surface mount

● CAD ­ SolidWorks, parts, assemblies, drawings, not drafting emphasis (minimal emphasis, introduction to software, mountainboard project, some FEA analysis, large assemblies with hardware/toolbox usage)

● Projects using Arduino, interfacing and programming emphasized OR

● DC theory and lab, NIDA 130E trainers (Juniors)

● DC, AC & Analog theory and lab, NIDA 130E trainers, test bench equipment, component level troubleshooting (Seniors)