Purchases and Donations

As a result of the health concerns currently surrounding our communities, we encourage every student and their families to pay for school expenses, and school related expenses, online. For this reason, we are waving any and all fees for anything purchased online. Listed below are the purchasable items listed on our registration selection list that could be applicable to this school year.

PTSO Donation

The PTSO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of parents, teachers, and students at Meridian Technical Charter High School, whose primary goal is to provide financial and volunteer support for the MTCHS community, in alignment with MTCHS’s Vision and Mission statements.

A general donation: Every $1 makes a difference! (Suggested minimum of $25)

A Red Dragon donation: Ensures that events and activities are funded. (Minimum donation of $100)

A Gold Dragon donation: Ensures that student scholarships, events, and activities are funded. (Minimum donation of $200)

Donate $200 to be a Gold Dragon Donor!

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National Honor Society


NHS provides exclusive resources, programs, and services, that give members a unique opportunity to prepare for college and career pursuits. Membership truly lays the groundwork for lifelong success.

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School Memorabilia

Limited Quantity Available. Please contact the front office for more information before ordering (208) 288-2928

Here at MTCHS we take pride in representing our school. This means that we even take pride in wearing our schools logos and designs where everyone can see. Our shirts and hoodies come in our school colors and proudly display our school logo on the front.

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Our yearbook team works their hardest to create an amazing yearbook that everyone will love! We make sure that we capture the essence of our students and have a unique and creative theme for every year. Anyone is free to join yearbook, we love the input! We strive to make sure that everyone who purchases one is satisfied with it and feels represented.

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STOR stands for Student Technical Organization Rewards. These rewards at our school mainly coincide with BPA, SkillsUSA, and Vex. If a student becomes a STOR member they can earn things called STOR points by attending meetings and doing community service. STOR points can be used by members for things like state competitions with SkillsUSA or they can use it to buy certain school memorabilia.

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BPA Dues

**BPA State and National Dues for Junior and Senior Networking Students Only**

Business Professionals of America is the premier CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing careers in business management, information technology, finance, office administration and other related career fields.

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Dragon 2020 – 2021 T-Shirt

Every school year Meridian Technical Charter High School creates a unique t-shirt design to represent the school year.

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