2020-2021 Updates

3/15/2021 Update

  • Beginning March 30,2021, all students will attend in-person Tuesday – Friday with Monday remaining an eDay.
  • Masks will continue to be required through the end of year.
  • Continue with the same sanitation routine of cleaning and disinfecting daily.  Hand sanitizing, gloves and masks are available in the office or classroom upon request.  
  • Please maintain social distance whenever possible.
  • Attendance
    • eDays
      • Attendance will remain the same as it has been. 
      • Students will complete attendance check-ins in Moodle by 9 AM 
    • Non eDays (Tuesday-Friday): 
      • Teachers will record physical attendance.  
      • If a student is in quarantine or isolation, Mrs. Claflin will send specific instructions.  
  • Backpacks/Lockers
    • Allow students to carry their backpacks
    • Locker may be used and assigned locker is in PowerSchool from the “Student Information” navigation item on the left side
  • Entering Building in the AM:
    • Students may come early (7:15 AM) if students are coming to Open Lab or an appointment with a teacher.
    • If students come before 7:45 AM, students enter in through the main entrance and report to Haley Hall.  
    • Students will be allowed to enter classrooms no later than 7:45 AM. 
      • Students are encouraged to use external doors where possible.
      • Students will be asked to leave Haley Hall at 7:45 AM.
    • Tardy Students: 
      • All students enter through the front door
      • All students sign in tardy on the Front Office computer.  
  • Transitions and Use of External Exits
    • Where possible to reduce congestion, have students enter and exit through external doors as has been done. 
  • Lunch
    • Encourage students to hang out with the same group of students during non-class time. Remind students they may be asked for contact tracing. 
    • More chairs will be outside for additional seating.
    • Continue to encourage juniors and seniors to go off campus at lunch.
  • Labs
    • Before School: Tuesday – Friday (Includes AM Tardies) Room 102 
    • Lunch: Tuesday – Friday Room 108
    • After School: Tuesday-Thursday Room 104

10/19/2020 Email

MTCHS will have another remote learning day on Tuesday Oct. 20 due to the lack of transportation provided by the West Ada School District.  We have no choice or say in this process and are subject to the transportation of students by West Ada.

Please read the following.

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

District Administration has been working with the West Ada Education Association to ensure that school can happen on Tuesday. Currently, we have 440 teachers who have called in sick for tomorrow. We are sadly unable to safely hold school tomorrow due to supervision concerns. This includes students enrolled in Virtual School House, and students who would have been learning remotely. We are continuing to work with the West Ada Education Association to find solutions to their concerns so we can hold school Wednesday.

Free meals are available to students from 10:50 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at many school locations. You must order before 7 a.m. using the form available on this webpage (https://www.westada.org/FreeMeals) to guarantee a meal is available for you.


West Ada School District

9/14/2020 Email


Welcome to MTCHS 2020-2021!!  We are excited to finally see you. Here are a couple of reminders and some new information. 

Food Service:  Breakfast and lunch are served at MMACHS and eaten at MTCHS outside or in Haley Hall   We are providing Free breakfast and lunch at MMACHS/MTCHS during in-person learning. We are running an extension of our summer meals program. More information about the USDA extension can be found at https://www.westada.org/Page/82408

During remote learning days, students can pre-order meals for curbside pick up at a nearby West Ada school. Preorder form and information can be found at: https://www.westada.org/Page/81982



9/11/2020 Email

MTCHS Parents and Students,

As we look at starting the in-person/blended learning next Tuesday I want to communicate some highlights of what is happening here at MTCHS.   

Communication: There will be some emails coming from me or the teachers.  We are purposely trying to limit the amount of emails that we are sending because we know that they can get overwhelming  and then ignored.  We are working feverishly to keep our website https://clone.smtchs.org/ up to date so please check there frequently.   If you want additional information on a topic please email me or the corresponding teacher.  If there is information that is time sensitive and affects all of the MTCHS community it will be emailed and text to you.   As most of you understand, we are part of the West Ada District’s transportation system and therefore are tied to their decisions regarding in-person or remote learning schedules.  The timeliness of their decision making is beyond the control of MTCHS.  It is my responsibility to communicate how their choices affect the MTCHS community.   Please let me know if you need something further.

Reopening plan: This is a reminder that our plan is available here: https://clone.smtchs.org/wp-uploads/DocumentsAndForms/2020-2021%20MTCHS%20Reopening%20Plan.pdf

There are details within the plan that may change due to system changes or as we are informed about new concerns and precautions that  should be adhered to.  Please be patient with this process. We are adjusting to new information continually. 

All COVID-19 related information and links can be found at https://clone.smtchs.org/covid-19/

Here are some of the precaution highlights from the plan

Students with symptoms at school will be sent to the Front Office window and screened by staff to determine if there is a need to be sent home immediately. Teachers will notify the Front Office.

◼ Students will be screened for symptoms including fever. 

◼ Students will contact parents regarding condition and transportation using their      own device. 

  • Frequent hand washing and/or hand sanitizing is of utmost importance in reducing the spread of COVID. 

◼ Wall mount hand sanitizer stations have been purchased for placement in every classroom.

◼ Replacement cartridges of hand sanitizer have been purchased. 

◼ Required use of masks/face shields by staff, students, and visitors as currently mandated. 

◼ Masks/facial coverings are required at this time based on local ordinance. 

  • Staff and students are encouraged to provide their own face covering but will be provided if they do not have one. 


◼ Arrangement of desks to account for physical distancing 

◼ Limit the use of shared materials and spaces 

◼ Frequent checks with students regarding their social/emotional needs. 

◼ Reasonable efforts will be made to wipe down desks between classes and keyboards mice in labs between classes. 

◼ In all computer labs, wipes will be provided up entry to disinfect the keyboard and mice before use. 

◼ Teachers will have an individual spray bottle of disinfectant for hard surfaces. 

◼ There will be a hand sanitation station within each classroom.


Students are expected to attend in person unless we have a medical document to excuse them.  MTCHS is not an online school and cannot operate such a program if in-person attendance is an option.  Students who are sick need to communicate that to the office.  Students who are in quarantine need to let us know but continue learning online.  

Student Entry: Students will need to enter the building based on their first period class.  The room number of their first period class can be found in PowerSchool on their schedule.  MAP showing rooms and entry locations. 


Transportation   All West Ada transportation information:


Shuttle numbers are listed on our website

Please contact me if you need any further information.


Randy Yadon 


9/9/2020 Email

MTCHS Students and Parents,

Beginning Monday Sept.14 we will be starting our blended learning schedule.  We are excited to have students in the building and learning.  The following is vital information concerning their schedule. 


Students at MTCHS are assigned to either Track C or Track D.  For more information, go to https://clone.smtchs.org/tracks.  There are certain days that do not follow this schedule so please review the full calendar.


  • Monday: eDay: All students learning remotely

  • Tuesday: Track C attends school, Track D is learning remotely

  • Wednesday: Track D attends school, Track C is learning remotely

  • Thursday: Track C attends school, Track D is learning remotely

  • Friday: Track D attends school, Track C is learning remotely


Finding Your Track

  • Log into PowerSchool

  • Click the “Honor Roll” Button on the left navigation bar, track will be listed on this page.
    Honor Roll Button
    Honor Roll Button

As we learn additional information and details concerning West Ada transportation, food service ect..we will inform you as soon as possible. 

9/8/2020 Email

MTCHS Attendance

Students and Parents,

We are aware that there was a glitch in the attendance check-in process this morning.  We appreciate all of you letting us know.   We have resolved the issue.  Please refresh/retry the login.  Check-in was extended to 10:00AM.  We are working hard to mitigate all known issues.

Randy Yadon

9/4/2020 Email

Parents and Students,


Welcome to the beginning of the 2020/2021 school year!  It was great to see each of you last week at the device handout and workshop.  Our current situation is different, challenging and sometimes uncomfortable, but I am confident that you are going to get the best effort from all the staff at MTCHS.  We are starting school in a remote learning phase where all students are at home.  We know that it is the desire of the vast majority of students and parents to be physically in school as soon as it is safely possible…that is our plan as well.


Prior to Tuesday, please make sure you can turn on your computer and connect to the Internet.  If you cannot, please go to https://clone.smtchs.org/help on another device where there are instructions that may help or you can submit a help desk ticket that we will begin reviewing on Tuesday morning.  If you cannot, get to this website or submit a ticket, please Contact Mr. Lovell: Lee.lovell@clone.smtchs.org or 208-288-2928.  


It will also be helpful if you have created a quiet designated spot from which you are going to be working. 


On Tuesday, September 8

  • Log into moodle and go to your first period class and mark your attendance. This needs to be complete by 9 AM.   If there is an extenuating circumstance that prevented a 9 AM login, parents need to call 208-288-2928 or email mora.claflin@clone.smtchs.org
  • Then login to ALL your classes and read through the expectations for each class. 

If you have not completed Online Registration, https://clone.smtchs.org/registration/.  Here you can do things like purchase a yearbook, t-shirt or sweatshirt, and find out information on: clubs, transportation, ect…  The last day to purchase school memorabilia is the end of the day Friday Sept. 11th.    

If you haven’t completed the PowerSchool Forms review and update,  please do so right away. There are signatures and items that must be completed every year.   

We are excited to kickoff the year and start learning.  Welcome to MTCHS 2020-2021!!

8/31/2020 Email

MTCHS Students and Parents,

This is a reminder of the device pick-up and orientation workshops that are occurring this week for ALL MTCHS students.   This is not optional so please look at the time slot you have been assigned.  This is to give students their school issued devices, textbook (where necessary) and check their logins for accounts associated with MTCHS.  We are not checking or fixing personal devices.  It would be helpful if students brought a backpack to safely carry the devices and textbooks that they are going to be issued.

This is FOR STUDENTS ONLY.  In order for us to maintain a safe and clean socially-distanced environment, we ask for parents to not enter the building. Students need to be here at the beginning of that time and are asked to stay until they are completed with all the tasks.

Registration information and PowerSchool updates:  Please have this completed by Friday Sept. 4. https://clone.smtchs.org/registration/

Pictures:  Hill Photography will be here for the day and time that you are scheduled in order to take your picture for the yearbook and school ID.  They will be providing information on how to order pictures.

Please be here only at the time that you are scheduled:

Tuesday AM 9:00 – Seniors

Room 104 – Networking pathway

Room 105 – Electronics and Business pathway

Room 108 – Media pathway

Room 109 – Programming


Tuesday PM 1:00 – Juniors

Room 104 – Networking pathway

Room 105 – Electronics pathway

Room 108 – Media pathway

Room 109 – Programming


Wednesday AM 9:00- Freshmen

Room 104 – last name A-C

Room 105 – last name D-G

Room 108 – last name H

Room 109 – last name I-L


Wednesday PM 1:00 – Freshmen

Room 104 – last name M-N

Room 105 – last name O-R

Room 108 – last name S

Room 109 – last name T-W


Thursday AM 9:00 – Sophomores

Room 104 – last name A-B

Room 105 – last name C-E

Room 108 – last name F-H

Room 109 – last name I-K


Thursday PM 1:00 – Sophomores

Room 104 – last name L-M

Room 105 – last name N-O

Room 108 – last name P-R

Room 109 – last name S-Z



Randy Yadon



8/27/2020 Registration Email

MTCHS Parents, 


We appreciate your patience regarding the re-opening plans for 2020-2021 school year.  As we move forward, there are three essential components of information that you need to know and complete. 


  1. PowerSchool Account and Form Completion:  If you have not received information on creating or updating the information in PowerSchool and completing the yearly forms, please email Mora Claflin, to obtain that information.  We appreciate your prompt completion of these forms.  
  2. Registration Information:  Information about school activities, purchasing a yearbook, calendar, school memorabilia, etc. is now available at https://clone.smtchs.org/registration/. If you purchase your 20-21 Dragon T-shirt by the end of the day Monday, August 31, we will have it available at Device Pickup and Orientation Workshop.   
  3. Device Pickup and Orientation Workshop: You should have received an email yesterday with this information regarding times your student needs to be at MTCHS.  The times are also on the MTCHS website.  Remember this is a workshop format for students only and students need to be present at the beginning of the time. 

Thank you! 

Randy Yadon



Subject: MTCHS Reopening Update

MTCHS Community,

As most of you are aware, the West Ada School District (WASD) made the decision last night to start the school year in a remote learning model for the week of Sept. 8th.  The possibility to move into a blended model will be considered pending changes to the Central District health recommendations.   Because there will be no WASD busses transporting students, MTCHS too will begin in a remote learning model as well.

Next week, MTCHS will hold a device checkout and orientation workshop for all students.  These sessions will be for students only. Masks and social distancing will apply.  We ask parents to drop off their student and return at the end of the session in order to accommodate the social distancing requirements.  The goal is to provide devices to each student and check/teach their ability to login into systems accounts and programs necessary for them to be successful students at MTCHS. The workshop and device checkout will start on time and all students need to be there at the beginning. 

Tuesday Sept.1:

  • Seniors 9 AM – 11 AM
  • Juniors 1 PM – 3 PM

Wednesday Sept. 2:

  • Freshman 9 AM – 11 AM Last Names A-L
  • Freshman 1 PM – 3 PM Last Names M-Z

Thursday Sept. 3:

  • Sophomore 9 AM – 11 AM Last Names A-K
  • Sophomore 1 PM – 3 PM Last Names L-Z


It is critical to understand that on Tuesday Sept. 8 classes will begin.  We have the expectation that all students will have school supplied devices and connectivity.   They will need to have logged into Moodle between 8AM – 9AM in order to be counted in attendance (this will be the case for every remote learning/e-day all year long).


An email was sent to parents on updating information in PowerSchool and how to create a MTCHS PowerSchool account for new students.  You may need to check your Spam or Junk folder. If you did not receive this email, please contact Mora Claflin at secretary@clone.smtchs.org or calling 208-288-2928.


8/18/2020 Principal Email

Subject: MTCHS Update Regarding School Opening

MTCHS Family,

Last night the MTCHS Board of Directors approved a plan for opening the 2020-2021 School Year at MTCHS.  Please review the approved full plan posted on the MTCHS website. We understand the need for clarity in a plan and process by which decisions are made, but any decision also comes with an understanding of complex and competing integrated social, educational, and economic issues.  Second, as you are aware we are not completely independent from the West Ada School District, as we are dependent upon them for transportation of students to-and-from MTCHS.  The decision was to open the MTCHS 2020-2021 school year in the same manner as West Ada- who will make their determination on August 25th.  Regardless of the opening model, it is vital that parents and students understand that there is the expectation that every student will be logging on and engaging in the learning process 5 days a week.

Your feedback in the Parents Survey sent a clear message that when we have a safe learning environment with COVID protocols and precautions in place and it is possible students to be in the building,  kids need to be at school. We too believe that an in-person educational experience is best for learning and will create that opportunity as soon as there is approval by the local health agencies and transportation.  Although MTCHS may have periods of fully remote learning, we hope to be able to provide a blended learning model for students and do not plan a fully online model.  If you wish to have a fully online year for our students, West Ada offers one option: https://www.westada.org/VSH.(Please email Mary Helen Green, if you plan to attend elsewhere. maryhelen.green@clone.smtchs.org)

Information regarding orientation, registration, PowerSchool updates and device check-out are forthcoming.  Here is the updated School Supply List and School Calendar.

Students will be issued their assigned devices and provided school opening information during the week of August 31st -September 4. Classes will begin on September 8.


8/5/2020 Update:

  • MTCHS will start school September 8, 2020.
  • Registration, device pick-up and orientation will be the week of August 31-September 4, 2020.
  • More details coming soon.
  • Read the Principal Letter Here