And the Socktober winners are…

Seniors have proven that they will not go down without a fight… in fact they refuse to go down at all!  The class of 2020 is known for never losing a grade level competition, and when they heard that the Sophomores had a late surge in sock donations yesterday afternoon, they couldn’t allow it to stand.  With ten minutes to spare before the school closed for the day, the Seniors pooled together for one last donation of 102 pairs of socks! This brings their total amount of socks donated to 459!  Well done, Seniors!

Did you ever work this hard for an extra 10 minutes of lunchtime? ;)

This has been an amazing Socktober, and we broke records with an astonishing 1,029 pairs of socks donated!  That’s A LOT OF SOCKS!  Beyond the friendly competition, Socktober is all about helping others, and we appreciate all of those students who pitched in to make this happen!

Great job, Dragons!

#Socktober #MakeADifference