Holiday Baskets

A message from Mrs. Merrell:


Thank you!  My heart is very full of gratitude today.  I can barely express my appreciation for your generosity in words, but I will try.  Thank you!

We were able to create 11 baskets of  complete holiday dinners; each with a $20 gift card to Walmart.  Our goal was 10, but we had so many extra items we were able to build one more basket. All of the extra money donations were also given to the Salvation Army.

That is one more family that will have a little more brightness this holiday season.  We have a few additional items which will be taken to the Meridian Food Bank.

This has been an amazing experience and become a wonderful tradition for our MTCHS community to share with our greater community.  Again, thank you for helping with our 4th Annual Holiday Dinner Basket.

So without further ado, the winner of the best decorated Holiday Basket is Mrs. Grainger’s Junior first hour class; complete with​​ personal holiday cards from every student.  The winner of the most helpful class, the one that provided the most items and money, is Mrs. Riley’s Freshman first hour class.

Congratulations to them, and thank you to all!

I hope you have a Happy Holiday Season!