Lottery FAQ’s

  • What are my chances of getting in if my number is larger than 60?

Answer:  Numbers 61 and above have now formed our waiting list.  As positions are declined then the next student on the waiting list (starting with #61) will be called to accept or decline the available position.  In the last two years we have gotten to student numbers 86-98 before closing enrollment.

  • Can my child still apply for the lottery?

Answer:  The lottery drawing has already taken place.  Any names on applications received after 2/14/16 will now be added to the bottom of the list of names.  Next year the waiting list names for 9th grade will be redrawn for the 10th grade.

  • Now what happens?

Answer:  All parents of students that were in the lottery drawing will receive a letter from MTCHS within the next week.  Students that are numbers 1-60 will be asked to accept or decline their position.  Students 61 and above will be given information on what classes to take at their home high schools in case they are called from the waiting list.