New Start Times for MTCHS

In order to address some of the time that has been lost from 6 snow days this year, last night the the MTCHS Board of Directors approved a plan to gain some additional time back.  While we have to continue to work within the same transportation parameters of the West Ada School District, MTCHS still needs to recover additional time.  By making a small adjustment to our own daily schedule we can make up for the lost time by the end of the year.

Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday January 25, class will begin at 7:55 (instead of 8:05 for Wednesdays) and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday classes start at 7:50 (instead of 7:55). This schedule will not change any busing times to/or from home high schools and still allow us to meet the state requirements.  Please contact us if you have further questions.